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Next-Level Golf Instruction

Utilizing the most advanced technology available, Drew provides insight into swing analysis collected from the TrackMan 4. 


Rest assured that if PGA Tour Pros rely on TrackMan, you can, too.

With each swing, TrackMan tracks the ball from the moment of impact and through every inch of ball flight until the ball’s landing position.  13 pieces of data are collected with instantaneous output for total swing analysis. 


Why TrackMan?

TrackMan 4 with OERT captures the exact impact location on the clubface without the use of markers on the club. The unit can be positioned safely behind the player because it “sees” through and around the club. The radars operate at 40,000 samples per second, working together with the camera to deliver true 4D silhouette clubhead tracking. This means an unmatched precision in what happens up to, during and after the moment of impact – across all shot types. 

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