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Private Golf Lessons for All Ages & Abilities in New Orleans

Drew Laborde Golf Academy in Metairie, LA

The Drew Laborde Golf Academy is a brand new indoor training facility in Metairie, Louisiana which boasts some of the latest ball flight and swing video technology.   Using data collected from the TrackMan 4, Drew provides personalized swing analysis to help golfers of all ages, levels and abilities reach their maximum potential, and more importantly, enjoy the game.  The studio also has a sizeable putting area that allows Drew to help clients improve their putting stroke. 

About Drew Laborde

Drew, a lifelong golfer, has been honing his instructional skills, abilities, and knowledge over the last several years while working with and learning from some of the most noted golf instructors in the state. He has instructed golfers of all levels, including college athletes. He has also attended all of the nationally recognized Ralph Maltby schools learning the finer points of club technology, fitting and repair.

In the words of Kristi Vinson, mother of a 15-year old student, "You truly love the game and you love helping others learn the game! You are a terrific teacher and a very positive person. You always gave great advice to Carter and he related so well with you due to all of your enthusiasm."

Drew offers private adult, junior and group (two people) lessons.  He provides all levels of club repair and can advise you on the fit of your equipment.

Drew Laborde owner and golf instructor at Drew Laborde Golf Academy
Image by Jason Dent

State of the Art
Indoor Teaching Facility

Connecting the World of Golf

From the Founders of TrackMan, "Golf is both a personal journey and a social sport. As players, we are constantly striving to improve, and we always share our progress, accomplishments and struggles with friends and fellow golfers. This common love of the game, this passion, is what connects every fan and every player, from beginner to professional. Ultimately, it’s also what connects coaches, fitters, and equipment manufacturers with their customers."

Drew Laborde is keenly aware of the joys and sorrows, elation and frustration all golfers experience.  For beginning golfers, his goal is to provide a solid foundation and build upon the fundamentals so that each develops a swing that is right for them, taking into consideration physical limitations and player goals.  For more advanced golfers, the goal is to cure bad habits and swing faults so their handicap will begin to drop.

TrackMan computer for golf lessons at Drew Laborde Golf Academy

Learning Golf with Drew Laborde

“As a junior golfer struggling to maximize my potential, Drew Laborde unlocked my golf game. He brought my handicap from a 10 to scratch within a year and a half. Whenever we tried a particular feel that did not work for me, he did not stop until we found one that clicked with my brain. He would set goals for me and would push me until I got to where I needed to be with my game.
Although, I have decided not to pursue college golf, he put me in a position where an idea that was once a dream was now a realistic option. He helped me receive multiple offers from programs across the country. Overall, Drew makes learning about golf exciting and a personal experience for everyone.”


-Walt Sartor, 18
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